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Amazon Sellers: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Amazon Business Seller Program, and how does it work?

The Amazon Business Seller program assists you in increasing your Amazon business-to-business sales. As an Amazon Business seller, you get perks like the ability to offer products that are only visible to business customers, different search functionality that makes it easier for business customers to find your products, and pricing and payment features that make buying from you in larger quantities easier.

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What are the key distinctions between the Amazon Business Seller program and Amazon Selling?

The Amazon Business Seller program enables sellers to meet the unique needs of business clients by offering features tailored to business-to-business transactions.

What does it mean to be an Amazon Business customer?

Amazon Business customers have completed the registration procedure for a business account and have been verified as such.

How can I keep my status as a business seller?

Sellers are required to meet a high standard of performance. As stated in the table above, business sellers must exceed all current performance requirements. In the future, we may impose additional performance criteria for business sellers. In Seller Central, go to the Account Health area to see how you’re doing.

What is the cost of listing items as a business seller?

The fees for a professional selling plan with Amazon are the same for business sellers. To join in the Amazon Business Seller program, sellers must have a professional selling plan, as well as a monthly subscription cost of $39.99 and extra selling expenses, such as referral fees (which vary by category).

How much does it cost to be an Amazon Business Seller and list products?

For a short time, Amazon Business Seller program participants do not have to pay an extra monthly program fee. Please read the Selling on Amazon Fee Schedule for additional details on fees.

What is the procedure for canceling my Amazon Business Seller status?

At any time, you can drop out of the Amazon Business Seller program. To unsubscribe, please click here. This simply disables the business-to-business capabilities in your Seller Central account; your Professional seller account will not be affected, and you will be able to continue selling on Amazon.

Can I utilize Amazon’s Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) service?

Yes. Orders can be fulfilled using a seller’s FBA inventory.

Are there any costs associated with using FBA with Amazon Business?

Yes. The Fulfillment by Amazon Fee Schedule relates to Amazon’s fulfillment of business orders.

For a business seller, what will change in Seller Central?

Seller Central’s overall functioning will remain unchanged. In Seller Central, you’ll start to notice new business-to-business capabilities. The Seller Credentials program feature is already available, and more capabilities will be added in the future months.

What’s the best way to introduce new B2B products?

Adding business-to-business items is similar to adding products in Seller Central. 

Where do I keep track of my inventory for business-to-business sales?

Seller Central is where business-to-business items are maintained. By following the steps below, you may change or update product information such as pricing, description, and pictures from Seller Central:

  • Select Manage Inventory from the Inventory dropdown menu.
  • Select Edit Details from the Actions menu on the relevant inventory product row.
  • Choose the tab that corresponds to the modifications you’d want to make.
  • Save and Finish are the options.

What are the benefits of participating in the Seller Credential Program?

Sellers that participate in the Seller Credential Program stand out to Amazon business customers, who are often entrusted with achieving quality sourcing criteria and corporate social responsibility goals.

Will Amazon assist merchants in obtaining certifications?

Amazon is not a certification organization and therefore does not help in the acquisition of credentials. Depending on the credential, sellers are responsible to set their own eligibility standards and how best to get the necessary supporting paperwork. The Amazon Business Glossary provides a starting point for each credential.

In order to claim a credential, what information do I need to provide?

Sellers must generally give information that allows a buyer to independently verify that they have been issued a credential. All credentials must be granted and/or registered by a respectable third-party institution, such as a government entity or an approved or competent certifier. Sellers offer evidence of issuance in the form of a physical document (digital picture) or a link to the website of a third-party institution (when available).

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