Amazon’s sales rise 43% in quarter 1 and profit grows 125%

Price of Amazon Prime in U.S. will rise this year, to $119 and online sales rise 18%, and goods sold in Amazon’s marketplace accounted for 52% of units sold, up from 50% in Quarter 1 2017. is on top Internet Retailer 2018 among top 1000 rankings, achieve approx. $51 billion in revenue in quarter 1 2018, up 42.90% from $35.71 billion a year earlier. Its net income also more than doubled to $1.63 billion from $724 million. Goods sold in Amazon’s marketplace accounted for 52% of units sold, up from 50% in Q1 2017.

Amazon further announced it will raise the price of Amazon Prime to $119 starting May 11th for new members. The price change will go into effect for renewing members June 16. The last time Amazon raised the price of Prime–going from $79 to $99–was in March 2014.

Amazon assumed for 30.7% of top online sales in 2017, an increase from 29.8% in 2016, according to the internet retailer report. And counting the gross merchandise value of sales by outside merchants on the e-retailer’s marketplace accounted for nearly 42% of U.S. online retail sales in 2017.

Calculating Sales Revenue, such as commissions paid by amazon sellers, Amazon product sales in 1st quarter calculated $31.60 billion, rise 33.2% from $23.72 billion in 2017.

Amazon stores as product and digital sales commit $26.93 billion to quarter 1 sales, up 18.0% year over year, a deceleration from year-over-year growth of 19.8% in Q4 and 22.2% in Q3. Stores sales like foods, bookstores or others. Generated $4.25 billion. 3rd party seller services like marketplace commissions added $9.27 billion in quarter 1, up 44.00

Quarter 1 results raise amazon expectations. Fourth quarter 2017 results, Amazon calculated it would bring sales of between $47.74 billion and $50.74 billion during the first quarter

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