5 Ways to Reduce Product Returns in Shopify, Magento and Other..

5 Ways to Reduce Product Returns in Shopify, Magento and Other Webstores

In this digital era, Consumers are more likely to shop online because they don’t want to invest their time to go to the market and select one-by-one product that’s why many retailers convert their business into an online webstores, not just only to compete with others but also to increase their brand visibility.

But, there are always two sides of a coin, one side online shopping increases rapidly and other side it affects Product Returns that 30% of ecommerce products are returned. According to a research, 20% of consumers returned products due to damaged, 22% of consumers say products didn’t meet their expectations, 23% of consumers received wrong products. The lists are end-less.

So, through this article you can reduce product returns on your webstore by use 5 simple tips.

Tip #1

Exact Product Description

Provide accurate product description, consumers don’t want to read how product looks like. Give right and exact information about products like exact size, color, weight, exact length and wide. This info helps consumers to find products according to their needs, it’s definitely reducing your product returns. And, make sure about the sizes, you can also add a shirt’s collar and calf width or trousers length or shoes fitting in UK & European countries sizes also. These things add a special appearance about your products.

Tip #2

Provide High Resolution Images

Images impact a lot on consumer’s purchase; if your product images unable to make connection or feel then you have to be ready for Product Returns. So, always use high quality actual product images with multiple angles give a consumer more accurate information about shape-size and dimensions. Hire a professional photographer, use models to define how your product suits. This tip definitely defines your products in more personal way and off course, reduces your product returns.

Tip #3

Quality Control Checks

Deliver the wrong product to the customer is the biggest cause of product returns. You should have to take quality control checks before deliver the products that the right product delivers to the right customer, compare product receipt with actual product. And, if you have larger business then assigns a quality control team or use a complete warehouse management system covers each and every point that reduces product returns and gives you 100% accuracy.

Tip #4

User Support

At the time of purchasing online any product or good, customer has many questions in their head related to the product or your brand. Give them solutions, publish answers about the product and about your brand in the form of FAQ’s which helps to the customers to get a clear point. We have already given you advice of how Exact Product Description should be, mentioned above.

Tip #5

Feedback Form

Feedback is the most important thing that helps to enhance business activity and it is more crucial when products are returned. It helps to understand why products have been returned. Feedback information helps you to better understanding about product description, images, quality and presentation as well, with this knowledge you can fix the problems and prevent product returns from your future customers. So, don’t forget to take customer feedback.

From the Editor’s Desk

With use the above mentioned points helps you to give accurate information about the products and reduces product returns. It can also help to increase your brand image in the customer’s eyes. So, always try to give more information about the product with real images and don’t afraid to give maximum information, more information means less product returns.

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