Bharat Youth Awardee Durvesh Yadav Redefines Entrepreneurship -
Bharat Youth Awardee, Durvesh Yadav Redefines Entrepreneurship

Bharat Youth Awardee Durvesh Yadav Redefines Entrepreneurship

Born on 23 January 1999, Durvesh Yadav is a young Indian serial entrepreneur, PR & Marketing consultant, Amazon #1 Bestselling Author and Speaker who has missioned to achieve everything big right from his schooling days. He completed his elementary education at Colonel Brightland Public School in Agra. For further studies, he moved to Lovely Professional University, Punjab, to do his bachelors in mechanical engineering. This man is an inspiration for our youth as his journey motivates us to dream higher and work harder to achieve whatever we wish for.

He pushed himself toward the path of growth, and as a result, at a very young age, he founded Rising Star Digital Media and Rising Star Youth Foundation. His company helps businesses and brands with PR marketing services. During his entrepreneurial journey, he faced many challenges but was always persistent and determined. He is a Bharat Youth Awardee 2021 and is best known for his book called “What They Don’t Teach Us: A Student’s Guide For A Meaningful Life.” 

Let’s learn more about his journey in his own words.

Q- Can You Please Share What Motivated You To Get Started With This Journey?

First and foremost, I firmly believe that everything has two sides. Two forces drove me to where I am today. I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur since elementary school. It all started in 2018 when I was studying mechanical engineering at LPU. There I witnessed my seniors on a quest to find a company offering a good package. I questioned the idea that even after paying 8-10 lakhs and putting in a lot of effort, you are still not earning enough. Being a middle-class child, earning 25k-30k fell far short of my family’s expectations. So, to enhance my lifestyle and meet my necessities, I was pushed along the route of entrepreneurship, where I could make money and eventually make it my livelihood.

Q- What Type Of Services Does Your Company “Rising Star Digital Media” Provide?

We work in PR to help businesses and brands gain reputation and popularity through social media channels, news, and so on. We assist them in becoming exemplary in their niche market. Developing public relations strategies and providing consulting services are our core areas for improving brands and boosting revenues. 

Q- What Did You Learn From Dr Suresh Mansharamani, The Great Business Coach?

We are like a family and have worked together on numerous business initiatives. There is a significant disparity between him and me; I am only 23 and he is 63. We collaborated on a book, which will be released soon. The most important lesson he taught me is to dream big, regardless of the outcome. He says that believing and manifesting can work out everything in the end. 

People nowadays remain unaware of the possibilities they can achieve and veil themselves with a negative self-image with no self-confidence. 

Secondly, I learned to believe in the process of accomplishing one’s goals. You must adhere to the procedure with utmost dedication, and you will succeed no matter what.

Q- Please Shed Some Light On Your Past And How It All Started?

Since 2014, I have had the zeal to look out for something big; I still do. This is when the ideas begin to develop. After completing school, I took the NDA, SSB, and other government tests because it is a cultural norm in Uttar Pradesh to become a government officer. My family had the same idea. When nothing worked out, I was left to pursue B.Tech from a private college. The wisest decision I made then was to leave my home because I believe we can’t grow within a given boundary and comfort zone. 

After being accepted to LPU, I understood that what you see in commercials and the news is not always accurate. You cannot generate money simply by enrolling in a reputable college. So I began learning new things to be direct with my goals. I experimented with several activities to discover my strongest suit. Self-exploration became my primary goal.

Q- What Advice Would You Give The Youth Regarding What Skills to Learn?

I think it’s essential for young people to learn the fundamentals of business expansion. They ought to develop whatever skills are required for this. One must use their skills to fill in the gaps in a particular line of business and ultimately produce a higher return. You must be aware of current business trends and provide them with the necessary skills.

Q- What Daily Schedule Did You Follow That Made You A Successful Person?

I prefer to spend much of my time alone and would advise young people to do the same. Solitude can be utilized to explore new areas, read new books, and much more. The best advice I can provide is to read more and more. This way, you will learn how other people achieve their goals or what makes them successful. Second, keep yourself healthy; don’t overdo it with the hustling. Emphasize your work, but also keep a check on your health routine.

Q- Please Tell Us More About Your Book “What They Don’t Teach Us: A Student’s Guide For A Meaningful Life.”

This book is divided into four sections. The first is a realization: when I was 18, I decided to become an entrepreneur. I desired to lead a meaningful life. Realization can occur at any time. The second is the mindset. The third step is to research and explore more. I recommend that you read this book to know more about this. Reading it will undoubtedly motivate and educate you. It’s a one-of-a-kind book.

Q- What Was Your Basic Idea Behind Starting The Foundation “Rising Star Youth Foundation”?

I’ve always believed in doing more for others and assisting them in whatever manner I could. The foundation essentially assists disadvantaged people and young people in getting started with any new idea they have.