How Do Web Cookies Help In Increasing Your Ecommerce Sales? -
How Do Web Cookies Help In Increasing Your Ecommerce Sales?

How Do Web Cookies Help In Increasing Your Ecommerce Sales?

Web cookies are such a great thing if you know ways to implement them! When you think of attracting a large number of customers to your site, web cookies are a great way to achieve it!

Every ecommerce site you visit today pops a notification like ‘Accept/Decline cookies,’ right? No matter how many times you open the same site, it will always show that notification. 

Some ecommerce sites find it a little challenging, and some of them might think to drop web cookies from their sites. But we would suggest you to never do this! Never ever!

Web cookies are an essential part and are helpful in bringing success to your ecommerce sales. It helps you in growing your customer base as well as bringing an easy flow to the sales process.

In this blog, we will discuss all related to web cookies and how it is a permanent part of your ecommerce sales. 

All About Web Cookies

Do you know what web cookies actually are? For your information, these are a type of small text; stored by a site visitor’s web browser (may be in their directory or any other data folder). 

It should be noted that the information stored in them is fully encrypted and is relevant to a site or web service that they have visited. 

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Things Included In Web Cookies:

  • It is interesting to know web cookies can contain a user’s login credentials. So, whenever you visit an ecommerce site, there is no need for them to re-enter their username and password again. 
  • Some other web cookies can also store an identifier so that they can show you relevant information as per the ecommerce site visited by them. This includes showing your brand’s related ads on other platforms.

If you wish to boost your ecommerce sales, choosing the second type of web cookies would be the best for you. No doubt, the first one also helps your customer to some extent, but the benefits of the second one can’t be denied.

Nowadays, many ecommerce brands often use web cookies on their brand’s sites to provide their buyers with customised shopping experiences. This includes advertising their preferred products on their screens and making them buy from you in the end through multiple selling techniques.

This was a brief introduction to different cookies. Let’s understand more of them.

Why Do You Need Web Cookies On Your Ecommerce Website?

Web cookies are essential for your ecommerce site as:

  • It allows the site owners to collect information about the most visited pages by the users on their websites.
  • Time spent by the users on each page.
  • Also, it will help owners to know other users’ statistics and behaviour on their ecommerce site.

Note that many ecommerce site owners will send you a request to accept the cookies (prior to opening the site completely). This is done just because cookies store your browsing behaviour to serve you with the most relevant search results.

Two Types Of Web Cookies To Choose From!

Type 1: 

Session Cookies: Web cookies that stay on a browser to store the user’s information till the session ends. You would see that each visitor is treated as a new person whenever they come to your ecommerce site. These cookies never ever persist!

Type 2: 

Persistent Cookies: Web cookies that have a long lifespan and end only when a time has been reached, or they are cleared with the browser cache. These cookies persist when the browser is closed and when things like login credentials, shopping carts, etc., are asked of the visitor.

Note that if a customer visits your ecommerce site, it will record their activities and location-related information in the form of a web cookie. After that, they will put that in your browser. This is where cookies are the most useful, as on that basis, you will be able to tie your site’s information and action.

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What Makes Web Cookies So Important For Boosting Your Ecommerce Sales?

You can boost your ecommerce sales only when you know what your customers prefer and the trendy products in the market. This is where web cookies come to your rescue! 

  • Using cookies in your ecommerce site helps you know your visitor and gain insights into their preferences. 
  • You will be able to track their activities through cookies when any visitor taps into your different product pages. 
  • You get to know what they click on, add to their cart, etc.
  • With web cookies, you can easily track any type of information safely. For instance, if you wish to know a visitor’s location, you can use cookies. This will show you all the stored data of the visitor’s location with its zip code, complete address, and other related information. 
  • Cookies allow you to personalise a visitor’s content and keep it safe from any thefts.
  • With this, you can also try your hands at marketing your brand over social media platforms.

Identified The Best Web Cookie For Your Ecommerce Site?

As we mentioned above, you can choose any web cookie as per the needs of your ecommerce brand. Both of them are way too helpful in their own ways, undoubtedly! They help you increase your ecommerce sales by providing a better customer experience to your site visitors. Besides, they also impact your business growth in a positive way. You also get the access to show your brand’s ads on other sites to keep the customer engaged with your products and services.

If you still need clarification about which one to choose, Ecommerce Guru is there to help in the best possible ways. You will get expert advice from our professional team to help you boost your sales performance through web cookies.

Make sure to contact us and fix a meeting with our experts; you will surely see your business grow in no time!