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How To Check Fake Reviews Ecommerce On Your Website

Can humans spot fake reviews on ecommerce platforms? According to recent research, they can’t do this at all. The study claimed that humans suffer from a disease known as a truth bias. This indicates that humans assume everything they read on the internet is true until proven using considerable evidence.

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But do you think that artificial intelligence is accurate at fake review detection? Answers may vary.

Let’s take the example of Cornell University which decided to use Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) to check out scam reviews on hotel sites which showed a result of whopping 90% accuracy. They noted down three key points from this experiment.

  • Truthful reviews contained more concrete words explicitly relating to the hotel in the questionnaire, but fake reviews ecommerce are more indistinct and inappropriate for setting the scene.
  • Deceivers used more verbs, and honest reviews contained more nouns.
  • Fake reviews ecommerce included more first-person pronouns to balance their illegitimacy.

Ecommerce customers may use these three crucial findings to make their judgments for fake reviews on ecommerce platforms.

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Do You Think That Fake Reviews Ecommerce Matter?

By now, we know what makes a fake review, but you might be thinking that do these matter, or do they make much of an impact when attracting a customer to your ecommerce website? Well, the short answer is simply yes. It is seen that over 90% of shoppers’ buying decision is dependent on online reviews. Hence, fake reviews ecommerce can be harsh to a brand’s reputation as they wholly deteriorate any loyalty that the brand gained between them and its customers.

Culture Of Distrust In Ecommerce

If you are a brand owner or own an ecommerce website, you must be aware of how much weight reviews carry to build trust among your customers. 

Online shoppers can take the situation into their hands to decide for themselves whether to review a product or not. Thus, it is basically the ecommerce website’s authority to check that its customers do not need to do this. However, brands must not write false reviews on their products and services to attract more customers to their websites and gain more sales.

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Do You Think There Is Any Solution?

Yes! There is a solution to this problem that the Department of Consumer Affairs recently provided on 28 May 2022, which states that the Centre will work on developing a framework to fake review detection on ecommerce sites.

The Department of Consumer Affairs (DoCA) proposed this solution after researching the current mechanism followed by ecommerce entities in India and across other countries in the world.

Ecommerce websites give you a virtual shopping experience without any need to physically examine the products. This lets the consumers heavily rely on fake reviews on ecommerce platforms to see what other customers experienced after purchasing from the company.

The ministry claimed that all stakeholders agreed to this solution to detect the issues closely and provide the appropriate framework for fake review detection developed against the consumers’ interests. They also said that paid and unverifiable reviews with the absence of disclosure would be introduced to help consumers recognize genuine reviews.

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So what we learned from the above context is that all ecommerce websites and online marketplaces need to protect their customers at a higher level. Using Artificial Intelligence, the government will bring a framework to detect and eliminate fake reviews on ecommerce platforms to fight online fraud and deception.

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