How to delete or close an Amazon affiliate account
delete or close amazon affiliate account

How to Delete or Close an Amazon Affiliate Account

There are millions of members joining the Amazon affiliate account, but not everyone is successful. So, if you have eventually chosen to permanently delete or close your Amazon affiliate account, follow the steps. Remember that you are unable to get back or make it available again once you delete your account, so consider before you close.

It is no longer available to you or anyone else until your account is closed; you will not be able to view your order history or print out a proof of payment or invoice. This also affects the relevant client accounts, functionality, and services associated with your email address.

How to close an amazon affiliate account permanently?

If People will not buy the things from your affiliate link in 6 months, they automatically delete your account. But not to worry, You can get approval any time with the same id. If you are looking for the process to close an amazon affiliate account by taking this amazon affiliate account deactivation process, you can close your Amazon Associates account yourself:

·         Log into your account through your Amazon affiliate.

·         Make sure you are a ‘Primary user‘ and signed in.

·         On the top of the page, click over your e-mail address and click on ‘Account Settings

·         Click Account Settings.

·         In the Account Information section, click ‘Close Your Account.’

·         After you have read the post, tap ‘Close Your Account Now.’

Please note: To receive the final payment of your income, you will need to complete the necessary tax interview

By following the steps below, you will fill out the tax interview:

1.      Via this link, log in to Associates Central

2.      Use your email address to hover over and click Account Settings.

3.     Scroll down to Details on Payment and Tax.

4.      It will reflect your current tax status.

5.      To check or change particular tax information, click on View / Provide Tax Information.

6.       Select the reason why you want your Amazon affiliate account to be deleted.

7.      You can give some feedback if you wish.

8.        Now, click close the Account.

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Closing your account means that you will not have access to the following:

·         Remaining funds in your balance for Amazon Pay.

·         Your account history (including information regarding your credit card, order history, etc.).

·         Returns and order refunds.

·         Your customer profile, including your reviews, posts for discussion, and images of customers.

·         Kindle content is associated with this account and subscriptions.