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Importance Of Link Building For Your Ecommerce Store

SEO marketing isn’t the only thing that could upraise your ecommerce store without needing to invest much time and money. 

Did you know that performing link building can be very helpful for your ecommerce success?

Yes, this may sound very easy, but no matter how hard you try, it isn’t easy to handle. You can take the example of searching a keyword on Google and find a link attached to the results.

But it’s not enough to know. So here, we will discuss what is essential for you to know when it comes to link building your ecommerce store.

Let’s Read About The Term Link Building

Link building is like catching the attention of Google on your website. In brief, it is a method of establishing links or hyperlinks from an external website to a second website. 

Let’s take an example: Suppose your ecommerce website gains a quality link. Then what does it mean? It means that it has gained a vote in Google’s eyes, which showcases your website as authentic and reliable. Interesting, right?

Here are some key points:

  • Your earning links help increase site traffic on Google, which builds your brand awareness across the internet with targeted audience traffic. 
  • Links are the essential ranking factor on Google. In general, it works as a likelihood of the website ranking on multiple search engines.
  • And if you are a newcomer, remember: backlinks have a more significant effect on ranking well on Google than changing your content and website. 

Do You Know The Necessity Of Link Building For Your Ecommerce Store?

As of now, you must have understood link building, but the main question arises regarding its importance.

So, to know more about its necessity, the following points make some sense:

  • As you know, link building and SEO have a very close relationship. However, if SEO is not included in your content, then there is no sense in applying link building.
  • Link building is essential for an ecommerce business, being the primary ranking factor that brings success in Google’s SEO. The links work more efficiently when used with rich SEO.
  • Online companies hunger to drive immense traffic to their websites to generate sales. And, do you know which is the highest quality form of traffic? No? Let’s read further!

It’s the organic search traffic because these people are ready to buy instantly. It has a significant role when you are working in a competitive industry. However, if applied correctly, you can use it as a critical indicator for your website and quickly boost your sales and performance.

Thus, if you are an emerging ecommerce seller, then take notes on the only two ways of accessing shiny organic traffic from Google:

  1. Google Ad-words
  2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Do You Think That All Links Are Equally Created?

It is not the same as it tends to be. High-quality links are given more preference as it helps you to bring more audience reach. 

We know links are necessary to rank well on Google and bring the targeted audience. But this doesn’t mean we need more than our competitors for a major competition.

Everyone wants to build an online presence for their ecommerce store, and for this, they need to pay close attention to the factors that can hurt their website. As a result, it was found that the number of suspicious links that were linked to well-known websites ranked on Google was very high. This ended up in using black hat SEO techniques to save the system by different web admins. These techniques helped in bringing links from rich and relevant sites to build networks, working very well for web admins. 

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Various Methods Of Earning Links For Your Ecommerce Website

There is a step-by-step process that you can use for earning links through manual email outreach. The only best way to get started with link generation for your ecommerce store is by looking out for the bonds in your network.

The Vendor Links

A vendor works to make your content go viral, right? Suppose, if you are running an ecommerce store, there are many objectives like payment processing, logistics, marketing, etc., which need to get done. This indicates the working relationships with other companies or vendors in the market to effectively run your business and lift these relationships for such links.

Starting with your website’s platform is the only thing you can offer to the vendors for testimonials in exchange for backlinks. You can also contact each company that your ecommerce store has worked with to get the link services at the same value exchange.

The Unlinked Brand Mentions

Ecommerce is an emerging business where your brand matters for the product name you are selling to your customers. If your company has spent quality time building an online presence on various social media platforms, you must have found a list of unlinked mentions over the internet from numerous news, bloggers, and other businesses. These are called missed opportunities.

Thus, to avoid the online citations of your brand, you can reach out to these websites’ web admins and editors and ask them to add your link and share your recent work on their social media.

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Niche-based links

Niche-based links are used when you have an ecommerce business selling supplements that are similar to another company, and you ask them to sell weights for a link.

In other words, we ask for a link from another business within the same category as yours that is relevant to the niches of both companies. This helps us in getting value to our established posts.


SEO and link building are different in their terms, but both play a crucial role in the long-term success of your ecommerce store. Link building has other techniques with its own set of requirements.

So, to help you in this complex process, Ecommerce Guru is there for you! They can help you in correctly performing link building so that you can quickly achieve higher ratings and new customers for your ecommerce store.