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OPENBOOK: Free Accounting Software to Manage Small Business

Billing, Banking, Accounting & GST all in one place
Billing, Banking, Accounting & GST all in one place
Source: OpenBook

OpenBook is a one-stop solution for any small business owner in India, and it is available for free. Now, every business owner can manage their banking and business finances from a single app, saving time and money.

If you are conducting a business using conventional methods such as ledgers, khata, manual entry books, and so on, OpenBook is the finest free programme for your accounting software for small business.

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You will be provided with an instant online bank account from which you will be able to collect and transfer money from your clients and suppliers. All of your transactions are tracked and reconciled (auto-matched) automatically, making your accounting tasks easier and more efficient to do and maintain.

Source: OpenBook

It’s completely free to create digital invoices and distribute them to your customers. Digital invoicing assist with accounting by storing records in the app and reducing the amount of manual work required during the reconciliation process. You can also avail offline accounting software free download.

You won’t need to use a separate software for tasks such as billing, banking, accounting, and GST reporting. This application has been created specifically for Indian enterprises.

Source: OpenBook

OpenBook, a free accounting software, is pre-loaded with all of the features you’ll need to handle your company’s financial operations. It also sends automatic reminders to parties (vendors/customers) to aid in the timely collection of receivables from them.

Collect money through payment links by accepting a variety of payment methods, including UPI, QR code, netbanking, credit/debit card, and cash.

Payments are reconciled (automatically matched) and reflected in your accounts on OpenBook as soon as they are received.

OpenBook is accessible in a variety of Indian languages, allowing you to do business in the language that you are most familiar with. It is completely safe to use and is available on both desktop and mobile devices. Additionally, you can create a backup of all of your accounting data.

In addition to all of the capabilities listed above, you may also use the Tally accounting software through the OpenBook web interface (see below). It allows you to sync all of your data and have a better understanding of your company.

OpenBook provides the broadest range of reports to assist you in running your business more effectively, including:

Source: OpenBook

• Day-to-Day Log

• Sales Reports are available upon request.

• Purchase Report (included in the cost of the item).

• Sales Order Report (included).

• Purchase Order Report (includes a copy of the purchase order)

• Report on the Delivery Challan

• Profit and Loss Statement

• Financial Statements

• Cash Flow (Cash Flow)

• Trial and Error Balance

• Stock Taken as a Whole

• Stocks are running low.

• Item Sales Summary (in Excel format)

• Item Report by Political Party

• Rates and Fees

• Receivables are a type of debt.

• Accounts Receivable

• Party Reports by Item (Party Reports by Item)

• Outstanding for a Get-Together

• GSTR 2 (General Taxation Reporting System) (Purchase Report)

• GST Detail Report (GST Detail Report)

Source: OpenBook

The digital age has arrived, and the vast bulk of work is now completed online. It saves a significant amount of time and decreases the likelihood of making a mistake. Stop writing purchase orders on paper and instead use OpenBook to create the same through your smartphone, saving you time and money. The purchase orders can then be sent to vendors by several means, including WhatsApp, SMS, and email.

Using OpenBook to handle your inventory will make it much easier, and the best part is that you can make the payment right away from the programme itself. We’d also like to inform you that OpenBook offers accounting software free to make managing your company’s finances easier. Billing, banking, accounting, and tax preparation are all available at a one location. OpenBook also tells you when there is a scarcity of a certain item, allowing you to manage your stock levels and avoid a shortfall.

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