Shiprocket: Why Seller's 1st Choice for Shipping in India
shiprocket shipping services in india

Shiprocket: Seller’s 1st Choice for Shipping in India (Why)

There is a fact to be known by all of us that the orders are cancelled by around 39% of the online shopkeepers if they are not delivered in under a week. Now with the orders of remote places in India it can be a very daunting task to execute on time. So, when such situation arises, what are the business owners supposed to do? Should they leave out that targeted group or better their fulfilment functions to deliver quicker with better accuracy of the order? Definitely the second one will be chosen by the business owners. But, if all of these things will not be properly handles, then the fulfilment task will become a very tough one in which you will spend more money than actually decided, to attain the best efficiency.

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Now, to make this task easier the business owners can opt for a more comfortable option and that is the outsource fulfilment functions. Some of the business owners especially the small ones do not have the required extra capital for hiring anything. If this examined properly by them then it will be seen that outsourcing is one of the best options that assists in saving a lot of extra expense and offer great services to the customers.

Shiprocket is one such convenient shipping services for the small business. It will provide you with a chance to hire your inventory management, order management, shipping operations and multiple other things. Here, in this article we will have a look upon why Shiprocket is considered to be the first choice of the sellers in India.

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Latest Technologies

Shiprocket fulfilment uses the ideal technologies for the benefit of their customers. All their warehouses consist of the new management software that assists in managing the incoming orders and then execute them as quickly as possible. There a lot of other technologies that is deployed in the Shiprocket shipping process for the benefit of the sellers.

 Talented Team

Here at Shiprocket you will see that the workers are trained to fulfil the orders in a quick yet ideal way. This betters the quality of fulfilment and also provides the sellers with good control upon the accuracy of the order. They make sure that the ideal standards are followed for order processing, shipping and inventory management.

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Various Fulfillment Centers

Shiprocket consists of numerous fulfillment centers which is situated in various locations all over India. These centers are situated on several places so that it assists in reducing the delivery duration of the customers. For instance, if you wish to ship a product to Bangalore and have your warehouse in Kolkata, then it usually takes around 3 to 5 days. But, if the seller will stock his or her product with Shiprocket and allow them to fulfill the orders, then the delivery time will be reduced by around 3 days as the product is in Bangalore itself. And with this the shipping cost will also be less which will throw a great impression upon the customers too. 

Quick Delivery

As you will store the products near to the customers, you will be able to offer around three times quicker delivery and also provide an option for one day or two days shipping on your site. Now, providing one- or two-days deliveries can create a little trouble as the courier services will ask for a lot of charges for accelerated deliveries. But with Shiprocket, you can save a lot of extra costs and lay emphasis on other sides of your business, this is why Shiprocket is one of the cheapest shipping for small business India.


Opting for Shiprocket is one of the most ideal solutions to be chosen by the sellers for themselves because it is not just said but Shiprocket has proved to be very effective. Zomato is a very big company today, it has invested around $75 million on Shiprocket recently. This can be a very effective solution for your business too, with the affordable rates, efficient deliveries, sellers will attain a lot of other benefits with Shiprocket.

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