SAP Service Marketplace | Is SAP a dying company?
SAP Service Marketplace

SAP Service Marketplace

SAP Marketplace is a place where SAP provides services for a range of issues. SAP Service Marketplace includes assistance with business applications, examination arrangements, and stage support, as well as programming downloads, authorize critical solicitations, client messages, and the SAP Notes database.

SAP Marketplace is a centralized location for Business Applications, Analytics, and Sybase customers to find solution and platform support, including software installation, license key requests, event management, and SAP Notes database support. Everything from SAP temporary assistance support and SAP apps.

SAP Marketplace provides after-sales support. Until you’re ready to begin your SAP Marketplace with sap, you’ll need an S User ID to access SAP Service Marketplace Download; none of these are available to SAP customers and partners.

An S User ID could be used to login to all SAP pages, such as SCN.

As a new customer, you should register with Service Marketplace.

Is SAP a dying company?

Not. Except for the point that SAP offers a cloud edition of S/4 HANA, which is still in its infancy compared to others whose core idea is dedicated to the cloud platform, they don’t put all of their eggs in one basket and to be the “latest and largest.” The modern edition of SAP’s modifiability, integration, and readily available best practise solutions are very far from being beaten to death.

The list of SAP ECC clients migrating to HANA is increasing day by day, and there’s no reason to think that long-time SAP customers will migrate to another package just because it’s cloud-based.

There are several other reasons, significant cost considerations, and one of the most important is S/4 HANA’s new database architecture, which is the most effective in any large-scale ERP.

How to view SAP Notes in the service marketplace

SAP notes guide issues that may occur in a product’s code or documentation. You can are using them to figure out how to work around problems with a specific release.

When should you use SAP Notes?

  • You’re examining to choose whether or not to upgrade your computer system. Look up the SAP notes for the product version to see if there are any known problems.
  • After updating your system, you’re getting new error messages. Look up SAP notes related to the error message to learn how to solve the problem.
  • Even after reading the documentation, you’re stuck on a particular task. Look up SAP notes for the product and see if there’s any contrary evidence from the documentation.
  • You’re just not sure if a feature is operating correctly. Find any information about reported problems and resolve them by searching SAP notes with a feature keyword.

Where can You find SAP notes?

  • In the menu bar on the screen, select Knowledge Base & Incidents, then SAP Note & Knowledge Base Article Search.
  • To search for SAP Notes and KBAs, click the Launch SAP Notes and KBAs button.
  • To find all notes for a product, type its name into the Search Term field.