Best Marketplace to Sell handicraft Products in India
Online Marketplaces for handicraft

Best Marketplace to Sell handicraft products in India

Time moves easily. People’s lifestyles, tastes, and desires change as time passes. In terms of finding ways to enhance their quality of living, people are becoming more innovative. Those who used to make regular use of stuff for their self-use and ease are now selling them to markets to gain.

The handmade or homemade crafts culture has developed from a tiny niche to a full-fledged industry over the past few years. Craft websites such as Etsy have led the way in enabling all kinds of manufacturers to sell and promote their goods online to a global audience.

But Etsy is only one of the locations for online sales of handmade crafts. Below is a list of the best platforms to sell handmade items online in India and ways to market handmade products and find a new home for your crafted or homemade products.

Indian handicrafts on eBay:

Also, eBay India serves as the right marketplace for artisans to showcase their items. It is found to be the means of successful sales. Through eBay, people sell in enormous numbers to have access to the global markets. For sellers who want to sell handmade products online, the eBay India website is a great place. Each website has a unique format of its own.

In their approach, some succeed, and some lag. The need is to pick the best platform for high revenue generation. Since it can produce revenue for its vendors, eBay has a lot of traffic. To sell its products across the world, eBay also joined up with Odisha Handicraft Corp.

EBay receives transaction fees by owning PayPal, an online payment service that makes it easier for users to purchase products online. EBay sales are also created from the listing service of creating the client to be sold to other users and some fee.

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Craftsvilla- No#1 Online Store for Indian Handicrafts:

Do you need a license to sell handmade crafts? In the domestic and international market, the demand for Indian handicrafts is enormous. By uploading the picture of their product itself, Craftsvilla has around 12,000 artisans actively selling handicrafts, antiques, jewelry, tribal handmade items, ethnic products, paintings, etc.

Craftsvilla is thus helping the craftsmen, artisans to reach the untapped market by selling across the globe. It eliminated the need for intermediaries and brought together artists/sellers and clients to make the transaction on a virtual marketplace.

It provides the artisans with a free marketplace, so they feel inspired to sell through this medium as they can cover a vast area of individuals to showcase their artwork.

Amazon for Shopping Indian Handicrafts Online:

Amazon is the biggest retailer in the world and also has an online marketplace in India called Amazon. In, where third-party vendors can list their goods and sell them directly to customers.

The online stores here enjoy higher sales due to the rapid growth in Internet users in India. As Amazon is the world’s most significant player, it can rank among India’s top online shopping websites selling handicraft products and others.

It provides its sellers with hassle-free national access to list their products online, manages their stock promptly, and processes orders. One of the best sites for artisans to exchange their artwork is Amazon.

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The India Craft House:

One of those rare websites presenting India’s rich folk and handicraft heritage in a new format is TheIndiaCraftHouse. All items are purchased directly from artisans or NGOs from all Indian areas, working very closely with folk and artisan communities.

The ‘Shop by State’ choice, which allows you to explore traditional and folk craftsmanship from different Indian states, is another exciting subject about this website.