How to Sell Globally? Amazon Global Selling

How to Sell Globally? Amazon Global Selling

Now expand your business with Amazon global selling network. With the help of this network, you can reach to the hundreds of, millions of customers and grow together with Amazon. It is as simple as an a network. But more benefits and more sales engaging with this network, it enables you to list the product across the world. Delivery through FBA or easy ship you just need to confirm shipment.

  • How to Sell Globally?
    In just 5 Simple steps you connect with Amazon globally.
  1. Discuss your business – Simply Register with Amazon global account ask them for global selling and fill out all basic and important details of your business like bank details and tax information and choose the selling plan accordingly.
  2. List your products – It is the most important factor when you are going to sell global. List your product according to amazon listing policies. Do advance listing with all your Product features and bullet points.
  3. Make your products visible – Your product visibility is important to boost up your sales so advertise your products with Amazon Sponsored Products, it is an easy way to make your product visible to the more audience. It is all about the bid on the relevant keyword for your product. Check for more information on Amazon Sponsored Products.
  4. Confirm shipment & fulfill by Amazon – In global selling, it’s better to opt with FBA program of Amazon in which they will store your products at their warehouse and pack, ship and provide customer service for your products. For more details click Fulfillment By Amazon. (Highly recommended)
  5. Get your payment in INR – Whatever the country you are selling no need to worry about payments, you will receive your payment in INR in your registered bank accounts.

Benefits of Amazon Global Selling

  • Your Brands Reach to the hundreds of millions of Buyers.
  • It increases the sales across the world.
  • Delivers product easily through FBA.
  • Earn in any currency, Get payment in INR.

In Which Countries Indian Sellers Can Sell?

  • United States – which includes US, Canada and Mexico
  • Europe – It includes UK, Italy, France, Spain and Germany
  • Japan

Now it’s time to go global with Amazon Happy Selling