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Boost Your Sales Through Maintain Good Account Health

[sg_popup id=”1″ event=”onload”][/sg_popup]In 2012 Amazon has launched its first shopping website in India. Day by day many sellers joined Amazon, now it is India’s largest online Marketplace on a daily basis where crores of customers are coming for shopping. Hundreds of sellers are selling here from apparel to grocery on Amazon. Amazon allows a seller to sell across the country. Every day a new seller is joining this marketplace and expanding their businesses from a small city to the whole country. While it makes there business profitable because joining this kind of huge marketplace is not a small thing in terms of everything. It increases the visibility of their product/Brand automatically.

But it also increases their competition in the market, as it is a huge marketplace and opens for every business. Where n numbers of sellers with the same category has joined so, basically to compete you need to follow the steps those can help you out in getting good sell and you can earn more.

i) Maintaining account health can increase your sale:

Now, you will think how? Well, I’ll make you clear how you can increase your sale on Amazon. I guess you all have seen performance metrics in seller central these are very important metrics:

Describe your products accurately, Avoid getting negative feedbacks, A-to-Z guarantee claims, chargeback claims, ask your buyer for feedbacks of your deliver items. Avoid delaying your products choose the best courier partner, to make sure your product delivers on time. Well, ODR is very important and a big concept to understand on my next blog I’ll discuss how to maintain your ODR percentage.

ii) Try to participate in Amazon lightning deals

Amazon offers some lightening deal for a short time period try to engage in that deals by reducing your products prices for the particular time period.

iii) Improve your listings maintain your items image quality

Description of your product always matter it helps the buyer to understand what your product is all about it is according to his need or not.

iv) Join the upcoming events on Amazon

You all see that you receive a notification regarding the festival deals prepares for those festival deals in advance.

v) Increase your inventory

Increase in inventory also helps you in boosting your sale. Add more than the category to your inventory. Never stops on a single product or category.

Don’t miss the notifications from Amazon this will help you in maintaining your account, Amazon has a team of professionals who are regularly checking your accounts, work on their suggestions which you receive through notifications this will help you in increasing your product visibility. Amazon analyses your business type and sends suggestions via e-mail, SMS.