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What to Sell on eBay to Make Money? (2022 Updated)

eBay is an online platform that offers a great scope to sell items of all kinds. You can earn extra money by clearing your cluster or building an online business. Now, eBay has several sellers, and it’s a little tough to profit by competing with other sellers. Nowadays, eBay has given this golden opportunity to establish a business. Even then, there are several opportunities to make cash with eBay. You can sell several amenities and goods from stores over this platform. You may also sell several weird things.

What to Sell On eBay

Old luggage

 You may sell old luggage over eBay. Most old baggage is of better quality than several modern ones.  

They may lack wheels and several zipper pockets. You can always stitch them to make the old ones look modern. Vintage luggage is always handier than modern ones.

Dictionaries and translators

Dictionaries and translators are always essential. If sold online, they are always in demand and will get sold rapidly if available in good condition. You don’t need to always depend on your tablets and smartphones to find out the meaning of any word or do any translation.

Fashion related items

People always love to follow trends. To make money quickly, sell fashionable items like dresses, cosmetics, and several other products over eBay. 


Books are a necessity. We will always find people who love reading books or who seek textbooks. You may sell off your old books over eBay or buy books from the local market and sell them at a profitable rate. 


You may use the eBay platform to sell crafts items like painted pots, designed notebooks, handmade jewellery, etc.

Electronic devices

Sell off used or new electronic devices like tablets, computers, smartphones, micro ovens, etc., to quickly earn a considerable amount of money.

How to determine what to sell on eBay

1) Know what you are capable of selling – If you try selling products that you are not capable of selling, you may face problems. So knowing what you can sell will help you from troublesome situations.

2) Focus on selling a few products or selling various products – Decide what category of things you wish to sell and choose accordingly.

3) Know well before selling a product – Research well before selling a particular product.

4) Determine the source of your product – Find out how to source the product you sell over eBay. You can handicraft them, repair them after buying junk parts, buy them from the local market, etc.

5) Look into the selling expenses – eBay charges an amount as listing price, shipping price, etc. Use various tools to check the selling expenses.

6) Fix a selling format – You may either go for an auction format or fixed-price format to sell items on eBay.

7) Set your price range after thorough research – Keep a reasonable price to attract people.