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Is Your Account Blocked By Amazon, Learn Tips To Avoid Account Suspension On Amazon

As per amazon sellers experience it has been observe that day by day many seller’s accounts are getting suspended due to Poor account Health. The Amazon is a friendly Marketplace and provides the best customer Experience and also introduces the high standard for their sellers, especially who sell in high volumes.

This question arises in the seller’s mind that why Amazon has removed their selling privileges, Ecommerce guru your free consultant is here to answer all your queries. Usually,                          why Amazon account suspension happened on Amazon.

First, we see Common Reasons for Getting suspend on Amazon:
  • Poor Account health – (includes the increase in A to Z guarantee claim, chargeback claims and late dispatch rate) It consist of 5 metrics Amazon always requires to meet all performance Metrics in seller central which are:

  1. Order Defect Rate
  2. Cancellation rate
  3. Late Dispatch Rate
  4. Policy violation
  5. Contact response time
  • Multiple seller accounts, for selling same products – According to Amazon policies opening more than one account in seller central is prohibited, if still a seller is having a very good reason for opening more than one account
  • When you Ignore Notifications – Notifications in the Amazon are very important when you open your seller account, you see the notifications it can be related to listing poor metrics, prohibited content, Amazon new upcoming updates.
  • Opening new seller account, when an old account is blocked – Amazon tracks his seller through IP and MAC addresses, browsers, cookies. If Amazon finds a person with multiple accounts with the same IP address, it will suspend that account immediately.
  • Selling counterfeit products on Amazon – Ecommerce-guru recommends you to never sell fake items on Amazon, They will catch you immediately and suspend your selling privileges.

Every day many sellers selling privileges are removed from Amazon, understanding the terms here:

Suspension: In this case, Amazon removes your selling privileges, but still you have the chance to reinstate your account, with the help of proper plan of Action.

Denied:  When a seller gets this kind of notification it means that his appeal is rejected, but can still appeal through a revised POA.

Banned: When your appeal fails more than once, this is the worst reply, after this Amazon will no longer read your E-mails.

NOTE: Always try to prepare a plan of Action under the guidance of Any SPN. Always try to reply every notification of Amazon.


Tips to avoid suspension on Amazon:

1.Always keep your eyes on your listings – Usually, in listings, we get errors like suppressed (Images, item type or any required field blank), potential pricing errors, Quality Alerts. 

2. Keep in touch with Amazon for every notification – It can be for anything like products should be mapped in the correct category, images, for performance metrics etc.

3. Always response buyers on time – Make sure your buyers are               getting the response on time, take feedback from your buyers.

4.Monitor account health daily basis – Try to maintain your performance metrics as the percentage of that metrics are as below:

A. Order Defect Rate – It happens due to getting negative feedback’s, A-to-Z guarantee claims, incurring chargeback claims. And the % for overall ODR should be less than 1 %.

B. Cancellation rate – calculated by dividing the number of pre-fulfillment (before shipping) cancellations by the number of orders made within the same time period. It should be less than 2.5 %

5. Late Dispatch Rate – calculated by dividing the number of orders with delayed shipping by the number of orders at the same time. It should be less than 4%.Keep in touch with the best courier company to avoid late dispatch rate.

6.  Enhance product quality to avoid counterfeit notifications –Amazon takes this very seriously as per the amazon’s Anti-counterfeiting Policy if any seller sells any unauthentic product on Amazon can destroy those particular sellers listings immediately and terminates the selling privileges.