Now Its Mandatory to Display Product Information for Online Sellers

Now Its Mandatory To Display Product Information For Online Sellers

[sg_popup id=”3″ event=”onload”][/sg_popup]2018 Mandatory Norms for online sellers:

The government of India has made an amendment for e-commerce marketplaces according to that it is mandatory to display MRP, Expiry Date, net quantity, manufacturing date and customer care details on the products selling online marketplaces.

Taking Customer protection on priority government has made amendments to Legal Metrology Act, Now Indian government made mandatory for all ecommerce marketplaces sellers, as we can see the government is already spreading awareness for offline purchasing to the consumers.

Sellers who having questions in their mind that what about the existing products without MRP can print all mandatory information on adhesive label.

Previously, sellers were only providing the simple Box packing, now, it is mandatory to Print MRP on the packaging box. Below                                                                                I’ll discuss the details need to be printed on a label:

i) MRP of the Product and Format of Amount

a) MRP on Product is mandatory now and it also contains a proper format in which it should be written.

b) Example: Maximum Retail Price Rs.301.55.

c) The currency value should be followed by a decimal.

d) Using abbreviations is prohibited ex: Max. Retail Price, Inc etc.

e) The first three digits of MRP left to the decimal should be grouped together.

f) If MRP reduced with some reason, Don’t Overlap the original MRP, mention it

ii) Customer Care Details
      Customer care number, name and email

 iii) Expiry Date
        Applicable for perishable items only (example Food, Cosmetics, and perfumes)

iv) Manufacturing Date
       Year in number should be mentioned and month in the word. If it is imported than import date                            should be there.

You can choose your own way to print the label, some sellers think that they need to spend money on label printers but it’s not like that you can use your existing printer. In my next blog, I’ll discuss printing label.