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Which is better for shipping - Amazon FBA vs Shiprocket

Shiprocket Vs FBA- Which One To Choose For Amazon Shipping

FBA Seller

Amazon provides its fulfilment by FBA. It is a premium service of Amazon where you can send your inventory. They fulfil the order requirements of your incoming order.  The tag named “Primary delivery” or “Fulfilment by Amazon” shows the products sold through FBA.

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Benefits of FBA

Your Items, Their Responsibility

You store your products in Amazon inventory centers, and they will take responsibility for picking, packaging, shipping, return of items.

Get the Prime Badge

If you avail of FBA, you will get more visibility and executions of your products by Prime Badge. This badge ensures buyers faster delivery.

Your Profitable But Box

The more your items will be delivered fast and efficiently, the more you will get chances to achieve Buy Box.

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Working Principle Of FBA

Step 1: You have to select first the Amazon fulfillment center to store your products. You will be asked to choose your preferred center in your state. Then you need to choose your state with your GST number.

Step 2: then, you have to share your business credentials like; GST, PAN Number, business Deeds, and others that would be remained confidential in Amazon’s locker.

Step 3: After that, you should register the names of the fulfilment centres on your GST certificate.

Step4: After submitting all relevant documents, the Amazon team will verify the details and enable your FBA within a day.

Step 5: Lastly, you have to send your products through Amazon Inbound Transportation (ATS) system to your selected fulfilment centre.  Here item will be picked from your location at nominal charges, or you can do it on your own, or you can take third-party services.

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Shiprocket for Social Sellers

It is beneficial for any Amazon seller for its various facilities, and it is the top e-commerce shipping solution with the lowest shipping rate.

Benefits of Shiprocket

Own Shop/ Marketplace seller

  • Integrations with different third-party services and marketplace
  • Notifications facility from customers through SMS or Email.
  •  Various numbers of pick-up locations and a vast range of delivery reach.

Benefits For High volume shipper

  • Tools for order management and controlling in exceptional cases
  • Minimized RTO rates
  • Data statistics and reporting

Grow your e-commerce business and reduce cost

  • Domestic Shipping charge at Rs. 20/500gms
  • International delivery charge at Rs 110/50gms.
  • Collaboration with top courier service providers
  • Delivery coverage in 29000 pin codes over 220 countries
  • Return costs are lower than forwarding chargee

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Improve shipping quality

  • Obtruncate benefits of “Courier Recommendation Engine.”
  • NTR and RTO dashboard will help to reduce the chances of being undelivered.
  • Some clicks will process an ample number of orders.

Superior experience for your customers

  • Order tracking facility through SMS and Email
  • On return requests, easy pickup is available.

Working Principle Of Shiprocket

Select your shipment

With automated channel synchronization, you can import your orders and ship them.

Choose the right courier partner for your shipment

Select a courier partner that fulfils your requirements.

Packaging and shipping

Order will be packed, tagged, and handed to the courier partner for shipping.

Order tracking

Track the order location to inform your customers via SMS or email notification.

Payment process

You can make your order process faster with prepaid payment.  If you select other marketplaces, you have to go with the COD payment process.

The Conclusion

Shiprocket is suitable for smaller to medium enterprises that prefer quick services to reach more customers and fulfil the basic requirements of the buyers. It is effective for business growth.  Delivery is highly effective than FBA at lower shipping charges and gives widespread reach, but in FBA, you have to cover a good charge to maintain the full delivery costs. Shiprocket also provides a wide range of facilities than FBA. So it is good to choose Shiprocket over FBA.

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