Ecommerce Product Photography: Budget-Friendly DIY Tips
Ecommerce product photography

It is quite convenient for the buyers to check out the products they need by visiting the shop, but the same is not the case with e-commerce businesses. To sell their products, e-commerce business owners rely on the photos of their products that will help them attract potential customers. Thereby, e-commerce businesses invest quite a lot in professional eCommerce product photography services. However, not every e-commerce business owner can afford a professional photographer, so here are some helpful tactics you can use that will aid you in creating an attractive website for your products.

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While doing e-commerce product photography, the focus should be entirely on the product and not on the things around it. Hence, it is vital to have the right background for photography. A White or light colour background will make it easier for you to edit and retouch the products—the background of the product help in enhancing the product pictures.

Product Placement

Post deciding on the background, place the product in the centre of the background and on a flat surface and take pictures from every angle. Taking photos from various angles will help you determine which one will do justice to the product picture. Don’t shy away from adjusting to the product until you get your desired shot.

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Good Lighting is the Key

The picture will fall flat without proper lighting and give a very unfinished look. If you are working on an adjusted budget, then natural light is the best while trying to do professional product photography. For indoor shoots, place the product close to where you get the maximum sunlight. You can also enhance the lightings using white cardboard as a reflector; the light will bounce off through it and fill up the shadows. Good lighting can make a great deal of difference in how the product is shown. 

Review the Pictures Taken

The ground rule is to take multiple photos and review every image taken in a professional product photography setup. Then, upload all the pictures to your computer; this will give you a better perspective on how your product will look to your customers. In addition, reviewing the multiple pictures will help you understand which photo is working and which is not. 

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Retouch & Optimise the Images

Retouching and optimising the images is a crucial process that will help create a picture-perfect website. The retouching will ensure all the pictures on your website are consistent in terms of lighting, the way it looks, their position. While optimising will help you achieve superior quality images and take care of the page load speed.

You need not invest in a high-end camera; a good smartphone with a good quality camera will also give good results. However, you should remember that the way your product is displayed online represents the quality of your products to the customers. So, it would be best to take utmost care that your photographs and the actual quality of the product match, thereby increasing your conversion and sales.

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