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Best 2 Ecommerce Ad Platforms In 2022

Today, we can see high competition in the ecommerce business marketers, and there’s simply too much for one marketer to handle: multiple ad channels, social media accounts, emails, tracking, analysis, testing, etc. The key to successful ecommerce marketing requires the ability to focus on numerous campaigns and the valuable data to refine creative choices and overall strategy.

That’s why most ecommerce business marketers have started using the best online advertising platforms to bring all tasks and responsibilities into one place and make it easier to go through campaign progress and effectiveness.

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You can find plenty of best online advertising platforms, so choosing the right one for you is not easy. Here we will discuss the best two ecommerce advertising platforms in 2022.

  1. Google Marketing Platform

Google is the lead performer on this list because of their universality. They have been the game-changer in the digital ad game for a long time, and their tools have always been well-respected by ecommerce business marketers and analysts. Google Marketing Platform combines campaign-building tools with a powerful data interface.

If your primary goal is to get your brand’s name in front of most shoppers, Google’s platform might be the best for you. 


  • It is affordable for small businesses with limited resources.
  • It provides a vast display network to access 3 billion searches per day.
  • It is excellent for new customer acquisition and increasing brand awareness.
  • It is easy to integrate into other marketing software.


  • Its pricing scales up quickly per year.
  • Its customer service is minimal.
  • It might not be very clear for marketers without experience in managing complex software.
  1. Facebook Ads Manager

Social media ads are necessary for every brand as ecommerce advertising platforms in 2022, and Facebook Ads Manager is a popular choice as it covers both Facebook and Instagram. It offers you a range of dynamic carousel ads to vertical stories with dozens of unique placements and ad formats to choose from. 

However, it might not be easy to create Facebook and Instagram ads that grabs users’ attention and aid conversions in the name of key to successful ecommerce marketing.

Fortunately, the powerful audience tool of Facebook Ads Manager can help you by targeting the most relevant users based on demographics, behaviours, interests, etc. 


  • It ensures broad customer reach and powerful audience targeting.
  • It provides a variety of ad formats.
  • It is cost-effective for growing brands.
  • It is flexible in terms of budget, frequency, and bidding strategies.


  • It makes it difficult for smaller brands to get help for their specific ad accounts.
  • It provides less reliable platform conversion data.
  • It is confusing and unintuitive to beginners.

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In the end, our goal of introducing social ads for publishers is to rapidly increase the traffic on the websites and generate more sales.

The world of digital and content marketing is very evolving, or you can say it’s never been more critical to choose the right  ecommerce advertising platforms in 2022 for your products and services. You can find the best online advertising platforms out there for virtually every type of brand and business.

So, when you choose to decide the right platform for your brand, spend time weighing up their unique strengths and limitations and comparing them with your marketing goals. Finding a partner whose pricing, features, and support match your needs will help you reach your audience in the most engaging way.

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