Learn how to sell on Etsy marketplace | Sell handmade, vintage, craft items
Sell on etsy marketplace

Learn how to sell on Etsy marketplace – Sell handmade, vintage, and craft items

In 2005, Etsy was established for sellers who wanted to sell handmade crafts and antique pieces. Among those who wanted to monetize a hobby or profit on unique items such as toys, jewellery, clothes, etc., it quickly gained attraction. With 39+ million shoppers and 2+ million active sellers worldwide, it has become one of the best marketplaces to sell handmade items

Etsy is a platform where shoppers sell unique items on Etsy and vendors who deliver them bring them together. The platform has developed many consumers and now offers excellent prospects for sellers of Etsy. For small businesses which specialize in famous brands and want to expand their business, this is a wonderful resource. 

If you think that Etsy should be one of your sales channels after reading the article, then read on how to set up your store and make overall sales.

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How to Sell on Etsy Marketplace?

Etsy is like every other marketplace regarding the registration process, making your account, business license to sell on Etsy, registering a store, adding items, and having first sales. We have described the process in detail to make the process smooth and fast for you.

  • Choosing Store Name:

Etsy makes it possible to register a few stores under the same account, creating two different items for your store name and account name. The process of naming a store can be a key barrier for you, as Etsy requires that all store names be original. The primary step is to obtain a unique, eye-catching, and easy-to-remember name.

  • Listing First Products:

Etsy does not let shops remain bare. That’s why before your store registration, you need to have your first product and its images ready. The marketplace demands that you select the correct product category and subcategories with a title that is up to 140 characters long. 10 custom product categories required in each store. You may also select tags that will take customers and items to your shop.

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How Much Does Selling on Etsy Cost?

For online sellers, setting the right price is essential. Without knowing the fee schedule, you can not possibly do that. And Esty has quite a few fees that apply to them and the rules.

  • Listing Fee:

Etsy charges you any time an item is mentioned on the market. One thing or bulk list item can list for USD 0.20. The listing is valid for four months and will be automatically extended for another 20 cents just after time expires, and you haven’t sold all the products listed. 

  • Transaction Fees:

You would have to pay a 5 per cent charge for each total product price, including the product price, the shipping cost, and gift wrapping, in addition to paying for all product listings.

  • Payment Processing Fees:

With its credit card, Etsy clients will pay for transactions, and the marketplace processes all payments. You will need to pay 3 percent of the commodity’s total price plus an extra 25 cents.

  • PayPal Fees:

Via PayPal, Etsy also accepts payments. You will charge 2.9 percent of the entire transaction fee if you use this device. If this is what you’ve been thinking, you’re wrong. The marketplace also charges a fixed fee of 30 cents for each transaction. 

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Pro Tips to Sell Products On Etsy:

As with any marketplace, Etsy’s popularity is immense. You deal with more than 2 million sellers who can deliver very similar products to yours. We also collected the most helpful tips that will help you get more clients.

  • SEO Optimization
  • Quality Image
  • Focus on customer’s experience
  • Social media marketing
  • Go to multichannel

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Wrap Up:

For online sellers, Etsy is a valuable sales channel. This marketplace’s prime purpose is to connect online businesses and customers of unique products with millions of shoppers worldwide. With little investment, it is a great place to start your eCommerce business.