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Indispensable Features To Add In Your Ecommerce Website 2022

There are certain elements that are essential for every ecommerce website like yours to stay relevant and competitive in the market. So, have you ever thought of building up a new type of ecommerce store for your business or looking for the leads to make improvements and functionality in your current store?

Starting up with an ecommerce store experience in thought to delight your customers can be as simple as taking a little inspiration from your favorite ecommerce brands.

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Let’s take a look at these must-have features for ecommerce sites.

1. Footer Navigation

You can consider it the best way to utilize your ecommerce website footer to help customers find your top products. You can add a list of links to your top products and services that your customers want to see.

For example, T-Mobile uses its footer to lead customers directly to their social media profiles which feature phones and plans, support, and company information. Their footer majorly includes links to everything they want their customers to discover.

2. User-Friendly Navigation

Starting up with an ecommerce store and a user-friendly navigation system helps your customers find the products they quickly need. Your products should be categorized logically based on the most popular categories as some people search for products by brand name, while some shop by category. Your navigation bar should reflect the organization’s name and links to inexpensive and sale products.

3. Product Videos

You can add a video to your product pages to increase conversions. It has been claimed that more than 50% of shoppers prefer online video to decide on which brand or product to purchase.

Many ecommerce platforms ensure retailers add videos and images on their product pages. The use of high-quality product images and video helps you sell products online and in-store.

4. Product Reviews

Product reviews and ratings are the user-generated content found on ecommerce websites. This section is most famous for an ecommerce product page to provide social proofs that their product is the best fit for their needs.

For example, eBay allows their customers to rate and review products, and they also display reviews in the product descriptions and sponsored items.

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5. Product FAQ’s

This is an efficient way to combine user-generated content into your ecommerce store. You can add a section of the most frequently asked questions by customers.

There are several ways to take advantage of this section:

  • You can increase your number of sales by answering the customers’ most commonly asked questions about your products.
  • You can also reduce your customer service time by answering product questions before and after the purchase.

For example, ecommerce platforms like Amazon provides a question and answer section on their product pages to allow customers to ask and answer questions to ensure the most frequently asked ones appear at the top.

6. Order Tracking

As a customer, whenever we place an order, the top question that comes to our mind is when our order will arrive. You can make it as simple as you can for customers by allowing them to check their current order status on your ecommerce website.

For example, AutoZone has provided an order tracking page that doesn’t require a login every time. They only need your email address and the order number you received in their order confirmation email.

7. Mobile-Friendly

The mobile-friendly store helps shoppers purchase from any device from your ecommerce store. Remember always to consider having a mobile app for your store. Mobile apps grab your customer’s minds, and you can also place your brand logo on the smart devices customers prefers to use most.

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Let’s End Up

As highlighted above, make sure always to remember not to reinvent the wheel. It is such a simple task that includes listening to your customer’s feedback and keeping up with the competition in the market to see if new trends in ecommerce arise.

Do not try every new feature on your ecommerce platform if you do not hold specific information about it. The motto of your ecommerce website should be your customers and taking care of the expectations that they want us to fulfill.

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