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How shopclues different from other e-commerce companies? is the first online Controlled Marketplace in India that connects online buyers and sellers and provides a trusted and stable online shopping environment.

With a customer-centered approach, they provide the customers with the best online shopping experience, beginning with the best pick, fantastic technology, flawless delivery, and ending with the best customer service you’ve ever had. The rigorous merchant approval method ensures that all aspects of product buying, be it authenticity, quality, or price, can be assured by their buyers.

Usually, retailers are active distributors that have built a reputation and consumer loyalty through years of excellence in creating customer service in the offline world. And you can be assured as a buyer that you are purchasing the best from the best. On one board, ShopClues puts together the best from all over India.

Merchants benefit from the superior technology, broad scope, efficient fulfillment processes, secure payment facilities, and unrivaled marketing experience. This enables them to concentrate on what they do best, delivering the best products at the best price to the client.

Shopclues help their customers enter a broader market on a secure network and increase the diversity of companies inside the online space. This is accomplished through a host of business management methods, efficient communications, analytical decision-making, and, last but not least, a buyer-centered strategy that eventually contributes to long-term loyalty.

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What differentiates ShopClues from Flipkart, Snapdeal, and Amazon?

The fact that ShopClues invested globally was that the business model of ShopClues was different from Flipkart and Snapdeal. The company concentrated primarily on the online adoption of unstructured categories.

Companies such as Flipkart, Snapdeal, and Amazon derive a more significant part of their company by selling goods under the organized retail platform that can be itemized.

Companies such as Flipkart, for example, get 30-35 percent of their revenue from selling branded cell phones. For ShopClues, Small brands and categories such as home and kitchen products, apparel, and mobile and computer accessories fit very well.

1) Marketing Strategies:

With an ever-increasing customer base, its community of over 150k merchants is its greatest asset, enabling Shopclues to sell more than 19 million items at competitive prices across 5000+ categories.

Shopclues have successfully built this deal property through creative marketing promotions and by offering customers something fresh and exciting with each edition.

2) Email marketing:

While email marketing was deemed dead, Mr. Nitin Agarwal, Senior Marketing Director of the brand, stood firm in email marketing. From the perspective of email marketing, Nitin began by presenting his brand and its statistics.

He reported that has 50 million visits every month, which is more than other e-commerce portals for travel. The results were enormously much more significant than before. Via emails, people began to participate more and make purchases. The mobile experience has also been made even better than giving better outcomes.

3) Affiliate Marketing:

ShopClues has used affiliate marketing with many affiliate networks in India to support their business. This ensured that ShopClues only had affiliate marketing to cover about 50 thousand members.

4) Blog Posting:

To increase awareness and interaction, they have also posted insightful articles on their blogs regularly.

5) SEO Marketing:

Search engine marketing plays a critical role for any brand, and ShopClues promoted itself very well using SEO, Adwords, and PPC ads on Google.

6) Facebook Marketing:

Gaining popularity, they used the opportunity to sell Facebook very well. ShopClues continued to sell its products via Facebook before the launch of the web portal and at the time of their website launch on the fan page.


You may be a buyer or a seller, but one thing in common is that ShopClues guarantee both. Incredible online experience, no matter which side of the transaction you are on.