How to Register as a seller on shopclues - sell products online
Shopclues Registration

How To Register As a Seller on Shopclues – Sell Products Online.

An Overview 

ShopClues is a shopping site for companies and customers that serves the needs of suppliers, producers, professionals, brand owners, etc. One needs to register as a seller by taking specific steps to become part of this online retailer group.

Seller Registration for Shopclues 

Visit the Shopclues Seller Website to Sell Online with shopclues, the Shopclues seller registration process. Information such as name, store name, phone, email, password, pin code, and the business type was included in the vendor Shopclues Seller registration form to start the process. The registration process as a ShopCluesSeller on ShopClues seller requires the eight steps mentioned below:

  1. The first step is to log on to ShopClues’ official website

2. Click on the “Merchant Registration” link to register as a Seller. The page guides the user from here to the page where basic details, including the name, mobile number, name of the online store for which the user wants to register, business type, and password, needs to be filled in.

3. After filling in the given details, click the Submit button.

4. The next tab will enable the user to fill in the information involving the name and personal contact details of the business. 

5. After this, the customer must fill in the contact person and the address from which the orders will be picked up by the courier partners.

6. For payments, the user will have to share the bank information. 

7. The customer must agree to the seller service fee agreement, which contains the details about the fee category and service fee fulfillment, after completing all the necessary information. 

8. The last step is to organize the virtual storefront catalogs. 

How to become a seller on Shopclues? through ShopClues seller log in, the seller can now log in and start the company and request assistance from ShopClues Seller Support.

Required Document

The required documents are listed below, depending on the business type:

1. For Sole proprietorship:

  • Proof of identity or ID that includes a PAN card, Aadhar card, driving license, etc. 
  • The bank statement or house bills include personal address evidence.

2. For a registered Company: 

  • Proof of Identity, Aadhar card, PAN card, or residential facts. 
  • Recorded official documentation of an undertaking that may include a lease, lease, or ownership agreement. 
  • Certificate for VAT / GST.

3. For private limited company: 

ID evidence: 

  • A copy of the company’s PAN card 
  • A copy of an organization Memorandum. 
  • A copy of the company’s certificate of incorporation. 

Address Proof: 

  • The company’s bills, including telephones and electricity. Rent, lease, and the company’s ownership arrangement.

4. For a Partnership for Limited Liability: 

ID evidence: 

  • Certificate of LLP registration 
  • Card LLP PAN 
  • Deed for Alliance 
  • The employee’s Power of Attorney. 

Address Proof: 

  • An official and legitimate document confirming the address of the persons who have the attorney’s power.

Basic Requirement for Shopclue Seller Registration

Here suggest the following registrations and licenses complete the above step and begin sale on Shopclues.

  • Business Registration

To be registered as a Private Limited Company, business registration would be required to facilitate access to the loan.

  • GST Registration

This registration is necessary for ShopClues promotion. For sellers, GST registration is required and online company registration is also important. One registration for GST business registration will help Clear Tax Experts.

  • Bank Account

Along with the bank account information, the PAN card is mandatory for the merchant. Account number, IFSC code, and name of the PAN account holder are other information that is relevant for registration.

  • Trademark Registration

Selling products online makes it possible to give the company a lot of attention. It is necessary to make sure that the company has a trademark registration to stop counterfeit products to make this possible.

Becoming an online seller 

The requirement for registration documents for sales on most platforms is similar. It is therefore easy for a seller registered with Flipkart or Snapdeal to start selling on Voonik or any other platform for e-commerce.