How to Make Money with Google Adsense even without having a website
Make money with adsense

How to Make Money with Google Adsense even without having a website

The AdSense program from Google enables website owners and publishers to share advertising revenue from the company by hosting Google advertisements on their websites. You can participate in the AdSense program by signing up with a publisher who shares their AdSense revenue with content providers if you do not have a website of your own. Although there are several online publishing sites providing revenue sharing with Google AdSense, Google’s properties, YouTube and Blogger are the best known and easiest to use.


YouTube stars are the self-made celebrities of today, people who have to make money online and built an audience by producing content on the internet that is aimed towards educating, entertaining, reviewing, and being awesome.

Around 6 percent of the company’s ad revenue is generated by YouTube, owned by Google since 2006, or around $4 billion annually. Since 2007, the company has paid out more than $1.25 billion, much of it through its AdSense service, to individuals who own the rights to YouTube content.

Create a YouTube Channel

You’ll need to make one if you don’t already have your own YouTube channel. In the left-hand menu, sign in to your YouTube account and press ‘My Channel’. To build your very own channel.

Enable Monetization

After you have built your YouTube channel, go to your channel page and click the Video Manager button located directly under the search bar in the top menu to open the video manager. Click on “Channel” in the left-hand menu or navigate here and click the “Activate” button on the Monetization tile to open an interactive wizard to direct you through the monetization steps.

Read and agree to the contract for the YouTube Partners Program

Click “Start.” Read the terms of the agreement and tick the three boxes below the agreement. To close the agreement and return to the wizard, press the ‘I Approve’ button.

Associate an AdSense Account with Your Channel

On the Monetization Account screen, click on the second item. Click Next on the new screen to be switched to Adsense. You should connect it with your YouTube channel if you already have an AdSense account.

Choose Your Ad Preferences

Click the “Start” button next to “Set Monetization Preferences” and follow the prompts to select preferences for your ad. Check the box next to “Monetize all present and future videos,” then tick the boxes below each of the types of ads you want to show on your videos. Tap on “Save.”

Create videos that are original and upload them to your channel. YouTube can automatically check your channel until the cumulative view of all your videos exceeds 10,000. If it follows all the requirements and guidelines of the group, your videos will start displaying AdSense advertisements and you will make money through Google Adsense.


You can sign up to view AdSense advertising and earn money through Google Adsense from your blog if you have a blog on Google’s Blogger platform. It just takes a few easy steps on your Blogger blog to get started earning money with AdSense.

Sign Up for Monetization

Sign in to your account with Blogger. Next to the blog you want to monetize, click the down arrow. Click on the Earnings tab in the left-hand menu to open the monetization settings. Click on the button for ‘Sign Up for AdSense.

Set Up Your Ad Settings

To select where you want AdSense advertising to appear on your blog, click on’ Continue’. Check the automatic settings for ad placement on the next screen. You may opt to view advertisements on the sidebar, between posts, or both. You’re done if you want to let Blogger pick advertisements for you.

Customize Your Ads

Click ‘Customize Further in Advanced Ad Settings.’ Click the AdSense Gadget to pick the color, size, and other ad settings to customize ads in the Sidebar.  Tap on the Blog Posts gadget to customize the adverts displayed between your posts. To select your AdSense ad choices, scroll down to ‘Customize Inline Ads’ in the window that opens.

Final Words:

Follow the above steps and, without a website, make money through Google AdSense. You can sit comfortably at home and make money online through YouTube, Blogger, and Revenue Sharing websites with just your smartphone and laptop.

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