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Future of network marketing

What’s the future of network marketing and e-commerce in India?

India is rapidly developing and how can anyone ignore the future of network marketing and e-commerce in India in it if growth is to be estimated? Right now, the number of new entrants is rising every day, and with the growth rate approaching its height, it appears to be expected that standard retailers would want to change to online business in years to come.

With the projected figures for the expected growth of internet users, there is no question that the capacity of the market is not insignificant. But with just 50 million online customers, e-commerce remains extremely underpenetrated, and not all of them are successful customers, making just 20 million buyers per month.

Where will Network Marketing Lead in the Future?

Future of Network Marketing is a company in which you do not invest cash, but you spend time. The industry that has produced the world’s greatest millionaires. In the 21st century, network marketing is the future of the industry. In all good words, it has developed correctly over time. A direct sale, beginning as a part-time job, now has a proper course in career-building opportunities.

The various guidelines can be applied at different levels and strategies to increase the growth of network marketing companies. A retention climate for the MLM company would be provided by policies such as the FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) policy and the consumer protection bill. 100 percent FDI Policy was approved to encourage network marketing business and direct sales by Indian Govt. So you can claim that in India, the future of network marketing is very strong and this industry can bring a lot of job opportunities.

Network Marketing is on the way to entering its golden stage, and if you haven’t yet, this is the best time ever to move right into it. Many MLM companies successfully operate in the Indian market. Most of the network marketing industry works on the same principle, which is customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction plays an important part in any MLM company’s development.

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What is the future of e-commerce:

New reports have predicted that global e-commerce retail revenues would hit a new high by 2021. E-commerce firms should expect a growth rate of 265 percent, from $1.3 trillion in 2014 to $4.9 trillion in 2021. This indicates a future with no signs of deterioration, with a steady upward trend.

Ecommerce has become an important part of the new world of businesses. With many layers to explore and research, it is a massive, lucrative, ever-changing market. Research shows that

global e-commerce revenues last year hit almost $3.5 trillion. No wonder that so many individuals are involved in the future of e-commerce.

Now, the world of e-commerce is here to stay, bigger, and better than ever. Many developments have already been seen in the e-commerce industry, and many more are yet to come. That will help you to understand what the future holds for e-commerce and plan the next chapter for your company.

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In 2020, due to globalization and the advancement of technology and infrastructure in non-Western countries, the US share of the overall global e-commerce retail market is projected to decrease dramatically. The forecast for the coming decade is that e-commerce will be the center of non-western regions.

E-Commerce is an area that is continuously evolving and updating as innovations are developing and businesses are competing against each other to achieve a higher share of the pie. If you’ve been keeping up with eCommerce analytics, you know that trends show that every year there is growth and improvement. It is fair to assume that the future of e-commerce looks bright and exciting, regardless of what kind of e-commerce company you are about to launch.


In future years, e-commerce would have a huge influence on our culture. It comes with many benefits that will enhance our shopping experiences, such as safer internet purchases, 24-hour online shops, shorter time to find the right product, and many others.

Many business prospects for network marketing would require very little or no technical upfront expertise. You do not need any formal education at all, unlike other professions. The positive thing is that our sector does not discriminate against anybody.