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Quick guidelines for user-friendly eCommerce website design

Best e-commerce usability design is important for transforming website visitors into customers. Ideally, your website’s design elements should make the shopping experience and purchasing process as smooth, simple, and stress-free as possible. No matter how good your online ads are, if your online store is not designed for sales, you may be losing important customers.

You can’t afford to miss a good e-commerce UX design as a designer. Below is an e-commerce usability guidance, concluded with, ways to optimize UX design for the e-commerce store.

Multi vs single sites of products

Whether it’s a multi-product site or a single-product site is one of the main variations in how to begin developing an e-commerce site. Compared to one selling only a single item whether it is a physical product or a virtual one, a website selling lots of items has very different needs.

Consider carefully how the details should be distributed on these sites. To keep it stable and organized, a site with thousands of pages would have significantly different needs and processes in place than a site with just a few pages.

The process of design

Although the design process for an e-commerce site is not different from the process for any other form of the site, before designing and during the process before (and after) launch, there are some extra items to consider and sort out. First of all, whether it’s an existing product line or shop, then a lot of design structures are likely to be in place already. Find out right from the start what they are.

An important aspect is also the sales channel and how many pages exist between the home page of the site and the final checkout page and should be planned out from the beginning.

Ensure product description are detailed

A bad description of a product can make or break a sale. Although you might not always be the one who writes such descriptions as a designer, you should ensure that your design can handle descriptions of more than a paragraph elegantly without looking awkward.

Make things easy to share

A popular part of the e-commerce UX design page design can also be made of social media networking functions. Word of mouth is a strong advertisement, and a valuable way to get free ads is to make it easy for consumers to share their purchases. Make sure that on the product pages, as well as after the visitor has made their purchase, you integrate sharing buttons.

Clarify checkout

The method of checkout should be swift and clear. Ideally, you will have a single page that allows shoppers to check what is in their cart and enter their billing and shipping details, with an extra page before putting it to validate their order.

However, one page you shouldn’t miss is a page for clients to check their entire order before it is finalized and placed.

Don’t get an account

In general, needing an account to make a transaction is a bad idea. Of course, there are exceptions, but it’s just an obstacle to purchasing in general. Offer them the option at the end, after their transaction is complete, instead of asking shoppers to sign up for an account before buying.

Pages for Service

Your product pages need to create an experience that is as close as possible to shopping in person. That means a lot of details about the products. As much detail as possible should be given in images, explanations, and specifications.

Bottom Line

Every designer should be familiar with the fundamental elements of best e-commerce usability design if only because at some stage it is bound to come up with a customer. And ignoring this design factor will lead either to customers who are disappointed with the job you end up doing for them or to customers who simply turn elsewhere.

If you need any kind of assistance to make a user-friendly e-commerce website design, our customer support team is ready to help in your new journey. You can visit write to us at info@www.ecomm-guru.com or fill the contact form.

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