How to Sell on Craftsvilla | Craftsvilla Seller Registration

How to Sell on Craftsvilla | Craftsvilla Seller Registration

Craftsvilla is an Indian-based e-commerce platform that sells ethnic items for women, such as ethnic clothing, ethnic footwear, ethnic fashion accessories, ethnic handcrafted home accessories, lifestyle products, and beauty products from the industry. Craftsvilla, created in 2011 by Monica & Manoj Gupta, is an online marketplace for exclusive handmade, handmade, organic, and gift products. The firm claims to have more than 25,000 sellers on its website, offering nearly 3.5 million products.

Worldwide, the Craftsvilla ship is free of charge for items worth over $250. The start-up claims to sell more than 4 million items to over 25,000 artisans and designers. The products are classified into different categories, each further divided into sub-segments, such as jewelry, handbags, home décor, clothes, food & health, footwear, etc.

With almost 80% of buyers being women, Craftsvilla is so famous for ethnic wear. The push would be to improve craftsmanship and make it readily available. They try to keep things bright and vibrant, which draws customers from the 18-35 age group. About 50 percent of the orders come from cities in Tier 2. And as with e-commerce portals in India, Cash On Delivery makes up 50 percent of revenues (COD).

CraftsVilla offers simple registration for sellers across India to gain their brand popularity and an immediate product market. Many sellers are being marketed to people who love handmade collections and other trendy items, too. Let us see the CraftsVilla Seller side registration process.

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Here are the steps:

  1. On your phone, the registration form shows
  2. Start filling in your company-related fields and continue with the product descriptions
  3. Once the descriptions of the seller finish, for an external review, the dashboard appears
  4. Information such as product SKU, category, price, name, definition, details of the discount, photographs, and details of the inventory.
  5. For every shopping site, supplier registration process requirements should meet there.

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Then you have to check the information below.

Registering Company 

Standard business registrations need to license in some particular legal form. Still, to receive limited liability restrictions for your business operation, a crafts villa is recommended for sellers to register as an LLP or private limited company. The scalability and transferability of business would be beneficial for the future when you register your business as any corporate body.

Registration of service tax or registration of VAT 

For seller registration, the VAT or TIN used for regular business entity registration is not mandatory. A marketplace proposes where the seller wants to implement taxable goods or services.

PAN and Bank Account

Again for seller registration, the PAN document is not necessary. The seller’s bank document required for the payment process.

Trademark Registration 

To protect their properties, it is the necessary procedure that any business organization follows. The trademark registration process must be followed by every online site for the sale process. Make sure the company trademark for any potential marketing concerns.

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Wrapping Up

In the current online system, wAgain for seller registration, the PAN document is not necessary. The seller’s bank document required for the payment process.

here anything from small to massive sell in the online market, an online presence is significant. In particular, the online market needs young people more than the local markets to replace them. One of the popular platforms is Craftsvilla, which provides an online platform for sellers of ethnic products to boost their customer base. So, to be in the market and gain more benefits, it is essential to be present online.