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How to create a seller account on eBay

You’ll need an eBay account when you start to sell. You’ll have to register if you don’t already have one. You can choose from a private account or business. A seller account on the eBay marketplace is the right choice if you decide to sell regularly, including selling a product you no longer want or need. If you’d like to sell massive volumes or have items you’ve made or purchased to resell, choose a business account.

Selling your products on eBay can open new opportunities for your business. The process of becoming an eBay seller account is straightforward and open to all companies and countries. If you don’t yet have a daily account, you will first have to register with eBay and then set up a vendor account that enables you to list your products for sale. Here are the steps to ebay seller account registration.

Step to Register Account with eBay:

Step 1:

Go to the eBay website and press the eBay toolbar on the “Register” tab.

Step 2:

To register under a business name, click the Start a business account link. When selecting this option, your business name will be displayed whenever you offer an item for sale.

Step 3:

Detail your company’s name, address, and phone number. Enter the name, email address, and phone number of the person to carry the account. To approve the user agreement, check the box at the bottom and press Continue.

Step 4:

Choose the user ID and password to use when you log in to your eBay account. When you are done, press Continue.

Step 5:

For a confirmation message from eBay, check your account. In the email address, press the Confirm button. A new browser window will appear and, under your new account name, you will be logged into eBay. The next phase is how to Setup an eBay seller account.

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Steps to create a seller account on eBay:

Step 1:

On the eBay toolbar, click the “Sell” button, then pick “Sell and Item” from the menu when you are ready to sell an item straight away. Once you build your seller account, you will take through the phases of listing your item. You can still create a seller account if you don’t want to list an item right away, but you’ll have to navigate through many pages first: click “Domain Map” at the bottom of every eBay tab, then choose “Sale and Seller Fees” at the top of this list under “Support Categories.” Choose “Selling Basics,” and then click “Create Seller Account.”

Step 2:

Confirm that the information regarding your account is correct and make any changes if required. 

Step 3:

To check your identity, obtain a PIN from eBay. From the choices, pick either “Calling Me Now” or “Text Me Now,” and you will receive an automatic call or text within seconds at the number you were given when you created the account. Enter it in the box on the website and press “Continue.” once you have identified the PIN.

Step 4:

Choose a way to pay the seller fees and compensate clients who make claims under eBay’s buyer protection policy. PayPal, a debit or credit card, or a bank account number may select. You are ready to sell items on eBay after you have entered your payment method details and the information has been checked.

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