Myntra is all set to change its logo: Here is why
Myntra logo controversy

Myntra is all set to change its logo: Here is why

In India, Myntra is a hugely successful e-commerce brand. Established in 2007 to sell customized gift items, it has managed to be one of India’s leading shopping platforms. Founded by Mukesh Bansal, Ashutosh Lawania, and Vineet Saxena, it was mainly a B2B business. In 2011, however, Myntra started to sell fashion and lifestyle products. By 2012, Myntra had supplied goods from more than 350 brands in India and globally. In May 2014, Myntra was acquired by Flipkart, another successful e-commerce site in India.

As one of the biggest online fashion retailers, Myntra has achieved the sales record several times for the universe. The company managers also reported that there were over 1.5 million units in just two days. In other words, following the lifting of the lockout, Myntra still managed to top sales. It has shown that the market for children’s apparel is 1.3X-1.4X. In addition to children’s wear, there is an increased demand for comfort and home wear clothing. Also, Myntra reported a 51% rise in website traffic during 2020. Plus, for the online platform, the annual winter sale has proved to be a big success.

This Flipkart-backed-e-commerce site, though, has recently faced a problem. After activists claimed its logo was “offensive” to women, online fashion retailer Myntra was forced to change its logo. It is what the Myntra logo controversy is all about:

After a Mumbai-based female activist complained, Myntra changed the offensive logo. She claimed that the logo of the organization is offensive and insulting to women. It is why, last December, she filed a complaint with the State Cyber Police.

Naaz Patel, a Mumbai-based activist, is connected to the NGO of the Avesta Foundation. She demanded to remove the offensive Myntra logo. Also, she asked for appropriate action against the company to take. Besides, across various posts and social media platforms, she brought it to light.

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In their complaint, Naaz’s lawyers, Rakesh Rathod and Vijaylaxmi Khopade alleged that the overall positioning of the letter ‘M’ colour scheme in Myntra’s logo was obscene to any person’s eyes of normal prudence. It was the intentional placement of the colour scheme to “represent the vagina of a woman. It is reflected with the colour theme of representing the legs in a suggestive way spread out. The claim added that such a portrayal of a woman and her private parts. As an object of lust will abuse and even excite the viewers’ minds, leading to further victimization of women in society.

Rashmi Karandikar, the DCP of the Mumbai Police Cyber Crime Department said that the company’s logo was offensive. They sent an email, following the complaint, to the e-commerce firm. The firm has agreed to change the company’s logo after all that controversy. In connection with the issue, the company, which is associated with Flipkart, did not issue a statement.

The issue, meanwhile, has drawn an immense response from social media users. The sites of social media are now filled with the same memes and jokes. Myntra, a top fashion app backed by Flipkart will update its logo. After a complaint by Naaz Patel of the Avesta Foundation, the logo will undergo a shift on all its channels, including website, mobile app, packaging product.