How to start amazon affiliate marketing in India for beginners
amazon affiliate marketing in India

How to start amazon affiliate marketing in India

It has been easier than ever before to earn money online. With the onset of the digital marketing revolution, businesses are now searching for cost-effective ways to encourage innovation. Affiliate marketing is one solution to many e-Commerce businesses and resources for individuals who want to monetize their blogs. One of the best-established affiliate programmes out there is the Amazon Affiliate program in India.

Why Amazon?

Instead of sweating at the mall, most people are now comfortable buying clothes online, and people find it much more convenient to buy from Zomato instead of going to a restaurant. Here are some reasons you should select Amazon’s affiliate program if you are a blogger and think of becoming an Amazon affiliate in India.

  • One of the best ones out there is the Amazon Associate Program India.
  • Many individuals trust Amazon. This doesn’t require any more clarity. The consistency of service it offers speaks for itself.

How to start amazon affiliate marketing in India

If you are thinking, how much can an amazon affiliate earn in India? How much you earn depends on how much you advertise items and plans from Amazon. Your readers should not only be forced to click on the link but also purchase the product. Nobody’s going to waste their cash on something they don’t think is worth it.

  • Find your niche:

How to promote amazon affiliate products is dependent on each individual. To guarantee the quality of your writing, you should write about something you are happy with. 

Your writing’s quality and persuasiveness and how well you can appeal to potential customers to purchase the product should be your only priority. This is the only way to get attractive returns, so pick a product category that you feel you can advertise.

  • Make compelling content:

Your viewers should experience the following when going through your content for you to receive maximum commissions through the Amazon India affiliate program:

  • Attractiveness:

No matter how detailed your knowledge of the subject is, not many people will be visiting your website or blog without adequate visual appeal and persuasive prose. Find a colour scheme that depicts and includes appropriate images of your content.

  • Quality:

Only if your readers think that what you show them is of superior quality, which implies that you should have a detailed understanding of what you are doing, would they find you enough to verify the link and invest their hard-earned money?

  • Persuasion:

It’s your goal to make profits. Your readers need to trust you and purchase the product for that.

Promote your blog/website/app:

In monetizing your blog, there’s no point if people are not aware of its presence. Before actually accepting you as an affiliate, Amazon also takes into consideration the website traffic. Here are several ways for your blog to be promoted:

  • On all of your social media offers, provide a link to your blog.
  • Get in contact with other bloggers who are well known to see if they can provide links to your blog posts in theirs.
  • Write occasional articles all over the world specific to the latest happenings. Have you heard about how dolphins make a comeback when they are endangered? Write about the newest environment-protecting innovations.
  • In all your groups, be it Whatsapp, Facebook, etc., put your blog out.
  • Right before posting them on weekends and festivals, interesting schedule content (which is when we anticipate your viewers to read). Give previews on Instagram posts, Facebook, and Pinterest groups of these articles or videos a few days before.

Advantages of Amazon over Flipkart

If the order is made within 30 days, Amazon gives a fee, while Flipkart gives it only if a purchase is made within 24 hours. This gives your readers more time to think about and consider making a purchase, which increases the probability of purchasing a product for them.

Similarly, Amazon allows 24 hours for a reader to add a product to their shopping cart via your connection, while Flipkart only allows 30 minutes.


Amazon affiliate requirements are one of the popular reasons for digital marketing that allows individuals to make money online. It has become an important performance marketing technique in the age of the Internet. Many successful affiliate marketers have acknowledged that their path to success is – Digital Marketing.

If you’re serious about it, Amazon Affiliate Marketing is a really good way to make money. You are bound to make a lot of money with the necessary knowledge, expertise, commitment, and the right attitude.

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